Ghosts and House History Research

Today, as I was finishing up project work at the Registry of Deeds, a woman stopped me and asked for help. She was researching her own house. After I got her back on track, she shared with me that she was researching her house to try to identify the ghosts that were providing some activity in her home. She said there was a little girl and an older gentleman. The older gentleman was not as sweet tempered as the little girl.

old photo of Girl holding doll
Photo Credit: Photo by glenngould

I’m a big fan of ghost stories. I love reading them every fall. I particularly love the “true” ghosts stories just for the potential that they might be true.

I’m intrigued by the concept of ghosts and old houses. I want to believe in ghosts but at the same time I’m not so sure that I want to come face to face with them.

I love the idea of independently researching the history of a house and seeing if the information matches up to the ghosts that dwell within. I know that there are paranormal groups that do this sort of thing. I don’t really want to get that involved but I would love to try it once or twice.

If you have a house with ghostly activity in Massachusetts then contact me and let me know! I’d be willing to research the history of your house to see if we can figure out who the ghosts are.

If you don’t live in Norfolk County I still want to hear your ghost stories! How often do ghosts and old houses go together? And have you ever tried to research the history of your house to figure out who the ghost is?

You can email me privately if you don’t want to write a public comment.

I hope someone takes me up on my offer!

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