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More Information on the Medway Holiday House Tour


These are the 5 buildings that will be featured on the Medway Holiday House Tour. They include a 18th century home, a 19th century home, a stone church, a Greek Revival and a more modern expanded cape. It will be a great tour with lots of variety!

One of the houses on the Medway House Tour 2010
1836 Greek Revival Cape on the Medway House Tour
  1. 1836 Greek Revival Cape (Franklin Street) 
  2. Federal style circa 1870 home built for Judge Albert L. Saunders (Village Street)
  3. Circa 1797 home (John Street)
  4. Christ Episcopal Church built by Medway mason Elmer Videtto (School Street)
  5. Expanded cape (Coffee Street)

TICKETS will be for sale on Sunday, Dec, 12th – the day of the tour.  Purchase these tickets at the Medway Senior Center, 76 Oakland Street Medway, MA 533-3210.

The tour runs from 3:00pm – 6:00pm. You attend the houses on your own in whatever order you choose. Booties will be provided at each house to protect the floors.

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