Blogging About Your Old House

Do you live in an old or historic house? Are you thinking of researching its history? Perhaps you are starting to renovate your home. Why not blog about it and let the world in on your discoveries?!!

What is a blog?

A blog is an online format similar to writing a daily journal that allow people to share their thoughts and photos. Because the writing is chronological, the blog posts are often brief and quick to read. What you are reading right now is a sample of a blog and blog post.

Where do I get a blog?

Blogging is free and there are two main sites to get started blogging.  One is and the other is Blogger is easier to use but WordPress has nicer templates.  If you are an average computer user stick with  If you are more advanced and want more control then try WordPress.

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How do I get started?

Getting started is really easy.  Go to and press the button orange “Get Started” button.  If you have a Google or Gmail account already then just login.  If you don’t, Blogger will create one for you and ask you a series of questions.  These include your email, asking you to create a password and some other minor stuff like accepting the terms of service.

Next, blogger will ask you to name your blog. In the last step you will choose a template for your blog.

Ok Now What Do I Do?

Now you are all done creating your blog. The only thing left to do is press the New Post button. You will need to give your post a title. In the main box write what you would like to share. For a first post, people often write an introduction describing what their blog will be about and why they are writing it. Include a photo if you have one.

Tips on Writing Blog Posts

Blog posts are best when they focus on specific pieces of information. For example one post might be about a trip to the registry of deeds, another might be about fixing the old windows in your house. The possibilities are endless.

Blogging Inspiration

Sometimes viewing other examples is the best way to get inspired before you get started on your own.

Here are some Old House Blogs to help you get going:

This Old House: restoring a 17th century townhouse is Gloucestershire

The Grange House – follows the restoration of an historic house in Connecticut

Restoring Our 1900 Bungalow – A bungalow in Iowa

Two Cats in the Yard – About restoring a house in Portland, Maine

Have fun getting started and, as always, let me know if you have any questions or encounter bumps along the way.

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