Can Social Media Save This House?

A beautiful Federal period house in Massachusetts is under severe threat of being demolished if it can’t be moved to a different location. The owner is willing to sell it for $1 but it needs to be moved. Times of economic hardship are the worst for trying to save our heritage. Will we lose yet another old house?

The Abiel Williams House, Dudley, MA.
The Abiel Williams House, Dudley, MA.
Copyright: Preservation Massachusetts

The circa 1780s structure “was once one of the most magnificent dwellings in Federalist era Dudley,” the Historical Commission reported.

-Dudley, MA Historical Commission

We are hoping that through the use of social media that perhaps we can reach enough people to find that one right person who is willing and capable of taking on this project and rescue the house.

History in Brief

Year Built: c. 1780
Location: Dudley, Massachusetts
Significant/Original Owner: The Reverend Abiel Williams, minister in Dudley for 32 years

You can see more photos of this house in the Preservation Massachusetts photostream on Flickr.

The Preservation Massachusetts website contains an article entitled “The End is Near for  Rev. Williams House” which it considers “as one of the state’s Most Endangered Resource.”

The Historical Commission in the Town of Dudley has worked hard to find someone willing to take the house but so far no one has stepped forward to take on the project. The 12-month demolition delay expired in November 2010 but as of right now the house is still standing. If a benefactor is not soon found the house will surely be demolished.

More information about the house appeared in an article in TelegramTowns.

A plea to help this house also appears on the Evolving Critic blog. If you have a blog and feel strongly enough about trying to help save this house, please consider writing a blog post to help get the word out.

If you or someone you know can step in and help save this house please contact the Town of Dudley, MA, Historical Commission.

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