Capturing the Past Before it’s Gone

Do you have any regrets about not saying or doing something before someone you loved passed? I feel that way about old houses. I’ll see an old house that is in danger of being demolished. I think to myself “next time I’ll stop.” Inevitably the next time I pass by the beautiful old house is gone.

To prevent any further sense of regret I carry a camera with me everywhere I go. No longer will I pass an old house that is a testament to history and not stop to record its existence. No longer will I say “If only I had stopped…”

The truth is many historic homes are in danger of demolition. We pass by them all the time in our communities. Perhaps we can’t do anything to stop their decay or inevitable demolition but we can stop to preserve their existence for posterity.

Here are a few snapshots of dying houses that I have captured recently in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. They may not be beautiful to you now but once upon a time they were new and elegant. At least these few won’t be forgotten.

Abandoned house
Abandoned house
Abandoned house

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