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Parking Options at the Norfolk Registry of Deeds

Before I’ll take a trip anywhere I want to know my parking options. That comes after years of living around Boston and having to fight for parking spaces. I don’t like to be surprised with limited availability nor do I like to pay exorbitant amounts when there are cheaper options nearby.

It used to be that you could drive to the Norfolk County, Massachusetts Registry of Deeds and park all day in the large parking lot behind the registry for free. That changed a year or two ago. Now you have to pay.

Norfolk County Registry of Deeds, Dedham
Norfolk County Registry of Deeds, Dedham

If you are planning on doing research at the Norfolk Registry (I highly recommend it – it’s a wonderful place!) then you’ll want to check your options before you go. There are positives and negatives for all these options so you’ll have to determine which is the best for you.

Paid Parking Lot

If you want ease of parking and you don’t mind paying the cash, then the best option for you is the lot behind the registry building. You access this by taking the road, Old River Place, which is just to the right of the registry building. The cost is $5 for the entire day. [#2 on the map]

Parking Map of Dedham

Street Parking Meters

If you would like to stay close to the registry building but pay less, you can choose the option of street parking. Here you can feed the meters at a rate of 25 cents per hour. The meter will take up to four hours worth of coins. There is ample parking on both High Street and perpendicular Court Street. High Street is the closest to the registry but also the busier street. You will want to have strong parallel parking skills if you choose this option. You’ll have a longer walk if you choose Court Street but you’ll likely be able to slide directly into a spot without having to parallel park. Personally, this is my option of choice. [#3 on the map]

Free Parking 

There is a free parking option if you are willing to walk a few blocks. [#4 on the map] A municipal parking lot at the corner or High Street and Eastern Avenue offers two hours of free parking. I’ve never used the lot so I’m not sure what happens if you go over your allotted time. The best part about parking in this lot (which I pass by every week) is that it is located next a wonderful assortment of cafes, coffee houses and ethnic restaurants which are perfect for grabbing lunch or meeting a friend.

If you are determined to pass by the restaurants in order to get down to business you will enjoy the several blocks of wonderful historic buildings lining the streets before your arrive at the registry. The last added benefit besides saving some money is that you will have a refreshing short walk before diving into more stationary tasks.

The only limitation I can really see to the free parking is that it is limited to two hours. That could be inconvenient if you plan to stay for a whole or half day.

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