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Finding Deeds In Suffolk County, Massachusetts – Part 1, Online Deeds

Suffolk County, Massachusetts deeds can be a challenge because they are spread across three different locations in Boston. Only two of the locations have indexes so preparing ahead of time is critical. Luckily, many of the deeds are online so you can start your search without leaving your computer.

Suffolk Deeds Home Page

Online Deeds

Suffolk County deeds are available from the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds website and also from Masslandrecords.com. In fact, when you click on the Registry of Deeds document search it will forward you to this second site.

Name Search

Deeds are indexed by surname back to 1975. Start with the Name Search under Recorded Land. If you don’t find the name you are looking for there, then do the Name Search under Registered Land. Remember this index only goes back to 1975.

Book Search

Instead of a Name Search, you can select Book Search and do a search by book and page number. Now here’s where things start to get a bit confusing. This particular search is only for the indexed deeds, so in essence you can go back to 1975 by Book Search.

Suffolk Deeds Search

The Good News

The good news is that the deed books are actually digitized all the way back to 1893. Said another way, you can find books 2171 to the present online. (This will change as more books are digitized.)

So where are the rest of the Deeds Hiding?

In order to access the rest of the images you must select the search criteria called Unindexed Property Search. Within this option you can search by book and page number. You must use an index, either in book form or on microfilm, if you don’t already have a book and page number.

Viewing Your Deed

After entering your book and page number you will see a random link below called unindexed documents with the book and page number also hyperlinked off to the right. Click on any of the links (unindexed documents, book, page) and a window will pop up with the digital image of the deed page.

Suffolk Deed Search by Book/Page

Printing and Saving the Deed

At this point you can either save the deed (by right clicking and choosing save image as) as an image in gif format or you can print the deed by using the print document link in the upper right corner of the page. Consider yourself very lucky! A number of other Massachusetts Registries will not allow you to save or print deeds for free.

Book 2717 page 4 Suffolk Deeds

Let me know if you have any questions.

In Suffolk County, Massachusetts – Part 2, Deeds Books, I will explain how to find the deed books and grantor and grantee index books.

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