Get Your Cameras Out Now!

Whether you want to capture your own historic house, the home of your ancestor or even the local historic houses in your town now is the perfect time in New England to photograph historic homes.

The long winter months display your historic house against a stark backdrop. If you’ve been lucky there will have been some snow to provide a pretty setting for photographs. However, early spring is the best time of year to take photos of your house.

Yellow colonial with spring flowers

How could I select one season as the best? It’s all about being practical. April is the month when the grass starts to turn green and flowers such as daffodils and forsythia bloom. The key factor, however, is that the trees have not started to leaf. The result is lovely, colorful photos of historic houses without extensive growth blocking the view of the homes.

Fall, is a lovely time to take historic house photos in New England because of the vibrant foliage colors. But that same foliage is blocking the view of the house. It will make for great photos but will limit what you can see of the exterior architectural detail.

If mother nature cooperates and you pay close attention to the coming of spring you should be able to get photographs when the daffodils, forsythia, tulips, azaleas and cherry trees are all simultaneously blooming.

So get your camera out, enjoy the beautiful spring weather and get some great photos of your house!

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